Do you want to dramatically change the look of your interiors with minimal effort? Perhaps it’s time for a change but you aren’t sure about investing the time and money required for a major home revamp? Wallpaper can be the simple solution to this problem, instigating a dramatic look in a space with just a simple change.

2020 has shown us some exciting new trends when it comes to wallpaper. Whether you prefer bold statements or subtle touches, wallpaper designs always have something for everyone. But if you are looking for a dramatic change in your home, then check out these bold and contemporary 2020 wallpaper trends to inspire you.

 3D Texture:

3D texture wallpaper certainly brings an innovative aspect to 2020 trends, incorporating trick-of-the-eye designs to produce a textured, three-dimensional effect. From weathered concrete to geometric illusions, these wallpapers can look so realistic you’ll want to touch them to confirm. 3D geometric designs are a simple and on-trend way to overhaul a space and to modernise a room with contemporary style.

 Panorama Mural Landscape

Panorama Mural Landscapes really take control of a room with their sprawling, large-scale design. This style is defined by one continuous image rather than a repeated pattern commonly found with most other wallpapers. This trend is sure to make a huge statement in a room and is not for the faint hearted when it comes to impactful interior design. The options are endless when it comes to panorama wallpapers, but 2020 is seeing popularity in whimsical scenes and dreamy natural landscapes, fully immersing the observer into the image.

 New Botanicals

Create a sense of summer all year round with eclectic, contemporary botanicals. Think of this style as floral print’s bolder and edgier cousin. While focusing on plant elements, New Botanical exotic prints commonly flaunt an abundance of palm tree fronds, tropical birds, and don’t shy away from using colour in bright and unexpected ways. This style makes a great feature wall, particularly popular in bathrooms, and will have you island dreaming all through the colder months.

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