The team in the the store at Katandra Interiors Busselton WA

I just want to say how proud I am of my team. We are #1 for Luxaflex in WA and have been for each month for the last 14 months running. The Best in the West! We would not be doing so well if it were not for my fantastic team. Everyone is skilled and knowledgeable is their roles and passionate about what we are doing. We are supplying beautiful, quality window furnishings to homes throughout the south west corner of WA. We are lucky to be positioned in such a prosperous region, and that Covid has not disturbed us, instead we have been extremely busy, bordering on too busy. We have grown at a rapid rate; the more quotes we do the more jobs we get; the more jobs we get the more referrals we get so the more quotes we do…and it is a crazy whirlpooling cycle. Shay and I are going crazy!!!

2020 saw many changes, and we saw plenty of stunning properties. It is amazing how many awesome houses are tucked away privately behind trees in our own back yards, and how quickly subdivisions are springing up and new neighbours are created. Now we carry face masks and disinfectant everywhere we go. And Luxaflex launched their own range of Curtains!

We saw changes within our team last year with Peter finishing up, Matt coming onboard full time, the “everything is awesome” Liam an additional installer and Jacqui into our Busselton showroom for marketing and she handles all our bookings, with over 140 jobs on the go it is quite an effort to keep on top of. I am so pleased with my install team. We have Graeme who has been with us for 4 years who is terrific and fastidious, Matt our Superhero who knows our products inside out and can install, repair and program anything, and Liam assisting in the background. I like that we have our own team rather than contractors because our team takes their time to get things perfect, and they care about the result. They show respect and cleanliness in clients’ home which is important to me. My gorgeous friend Kristy is 4 years into my financials, paying all our bills on time. Most of all I am loving Shay. Am I allowed to have a favourite? It is not diplomatically correct is it? But Shay really is perfect. She is a lovely person, and her product knowledge is thorough, she has great decorating advice, attention to detail, and she gets everything right first time around. I am delighted we still have Ceri who has been with us since the beginning, Shay and I cannot do without her assistance. Ceri brings us up for air every time we are drowning. I love my team.

But now we need more, and I don’t know how I feel about this. We need another installer, and we need another salesperson because we cannot cope with the amount of work we have, and everyone is working too many hours and we will burn out if we carry on like this. But then again, I was happy with my team of 3, then 5 and now 8, so surely it will be OK with 10 too?

So, if you are reading this and you know someone remarkable that is an attentive installer, or could be, or is a passionate salesperson that would learn about our products and wants to do good by our clients – then let them know that we are hiring. I feel like if we advertise these positions as a job add we will get job hunters ticking off their benefits list instead of the right person possibly looking for a change of employment, but if we spread the word, we might just find what we are looking for, and I may end up meeting someone else to look up to.


The team in the the store at Katandra Interiors Busselton WA
The Katandra Interiors team.