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Whatever the weather and the time of year, it is always grounding to be able to enjoy a connection with the outdoors.

If you enjoy dining alfresco, you can in fact make use of your outdoor living areas all year round and in all conditions. There are just a few key things to think about for each season in order to be able to create a comfortable outdoor experience regardless of the elements or other precipitating factors.

Folding arm awnings provide expansive coverage from both the sun, wind and rain.  They have additional heating and lighting options, integrated rain-hoods and wind protection systems, allowing extended living outdoors even during the middle of winter.

With the help of drop awnings to protect you from the summer mozzies, languishing outdoors in the warmth of a long summer evening is an easy reality.  Drop awnings effectively help you create another room in your home, by enclosing an outdoor area or verandah.  Enjoy the summer breeze while being protected from UV rays and pesky mites.

Louvred roofing systems are a great way to really be outdoors whilst knowing you are protected from rain or UV rays if you need it. These fully retractable roofing systems allow you to have complete or partial connection to the outdoors depending on the weather. The extended louvres can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light and ventilation into your outdoor areas.  With rain sensors, they can automatically close to protect you from incoming rainstorms.  Besides being extremely functional, the louvres are available in an array of powder coated finishes that will perfectly complement the tones of your own home.  Both stylish and functional, these louvred roofing systems provide elevated options for your outdoor living experience.

Design Your Outdoor Space

Besides the practicalities of weathering the elements outdoors, you can really create a beautiful space with soft furnishing such as rugs, throws and pillows.

Take the indoors outside to create an open-air haven where you can truly relax comfortably.  There are exterior fabrics available that are durable to UV deterioration giving you a look that will last for years to come. Katandra Interiors have an extensive range of fabrics for use in the outdoors so come in-store to explore the samples.

Our interior design team can also help you put the finishing touches to your external décor to help you create a warm ambiance to your outdoor living areas. Strategic use of space and the placement of your key outdoor components can really have a huge impact on the look and feel of areas and help you define utility to otherwise unused spaces.

If you love the outdoors, let us help you enjoy it even more.  Come in-store and explore the great products available to extend your living outside.  Use our design expertise to make it beautiful at the same time.