Don’t you wish on some days for the sun to rise just a tad bit later as you struggle to get out of bed? While it’s not possible yet to control Mother Nature and her peculiar quirks, you can however outsmart her with a set of light-blocking Duette Shades.

Delay those rays and catch a few more minutes of quality sleep with some handy blackout properties with minimal light gaps on the edges. You now have the option of wagging your finger and telling Mrs Sunshine “not today,” as you dissolve back into your sheets. It’s the ideal solution for blocking and deflecting incoming light while still having your room interiors look great with sleek designs and colour schemes that work across any season.

In today’s fast-paced society, being able to take in an extra hour of quality sleep every now and then becomes a form of modern luxury. Having the ability to effectively black out your windows would pay huge dividends for your future self as having that downtime for additional, light-free rest rejuvenates both body and mind.

With a range of textures, fabrics and tones available, our blockout blind systems operate with both manual control stick and motorised options. Come into our showroom, speak to our decor experts and discover one more way to tame Mother Nature.