With the sweltering days of summer, cooling down and escaping the blazing Australian heat becomes a priority. You could jump into a pool for a dip, find a grand old tree for shade or you could also consider installing a set of freshly mounted awnings.

With options to provide ultimate shade protection ranging from the futuristic Evo Magnatrack, contemporary Folding Arm Retractable Awnings to the charming and classic looking Canopy Awnings. They are versatile enough to be situated over windows, tiny terraces, large patios, narrow walkways and any other part of your home where shade protection is needed.

Designed to be long-lasting, low-maintenance and stylish, our range of awnings are not only excellent shade providers but come with seamless design features that can complete and complement the look of your current home exterior.

As a proud owner of a set of awnings, you would also be able to significantly cut your home cooling energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint as they can be set at an optimal angle to block out the harsh summer heat. You’ll be spending more time outdoors without being harassed by the heat. Get in touch with our installation specialist to view the options available to you.