Sheer curtains are a beautiful style of window furnishing, bringing a soft and inviting look to a room. We definitely have a penchant for sheers here at Katandra, particularly light sheers, as you may have noticed from many of our recent installations! We love how a sheer curtain will gently filter sunlight, creating a warm glow inside your home.

If you’re considering installing sheers in your home, but you are not sure whether light or dark coloured sheers will suit your space best, keep reading for a run down on some of the aspects you should be thinking about.

Light coloured sheers are ideal for spaces like a bedroom, as they are actually harder to see through than black sheers. So if privacy is a big concern for you, particularly if you live in a busy area, light sheers will protect you from any prying eyes. At the same time, light coloured sheer curtains will still let light flow into your interiors and permit a view to the outside. As an added bonus, light sheers can make a room feel more spacious, so they are perfect for smaller rooms where you want to make the most of your space.

Conversely, dark sheers will create a contemporary and striking point of difference against light interiors. Not only do dark colours make a bolder feature than light sheers, they are also the best option to choose if you have a view that you want to showcase. Arguably, the best advantage of darker coloured sheers is that they will show less dirt, so you can install them in your home knowing that they will stand the test of time without looking tired and worn!

If you’re interested in having sheers installed in your home, contact us for a free quote or chat with one of our friendly experts – we’ll help you to decide which colour would be suit your style, family and lifestyle.