How To

As our recent situation has forced many of us to stay home more than usual, you might have wondered how you can create a house that is better equipped to suit your every need. From multiple family members having to work or school remotely, to finding new and different ways to stay entertained, the need to stay inside has presented us with a plethora of new and tricky challenges.

However, with a little practical creativity and the use of some great products, you can easily realise the full potential of your home by creating multi-functional domains. Multi-purpose rooms present a pragmatic solution to help you move from confinement and claustrophobia to expansive living during lockdown, but will also enhance the way you live for years to come

If you struggle to find a secluded and private place inside to work or relax then PolySatin shutters could be an innovative solution for you. Shutters are not just a great window furnishing, but can be used as a stylish room divider! They offer an easy way to open or enclose areas to use for different purposes as you require them – from conference call privacy to spacious living in one simple step.

Another quick way to create more space and give family members the freedom to spread out is with Drop Awnings. Drop Awnings are the perfect way to essentially create a new room in your home without having to extend. They provide protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, cooler temperatures, or harsh sunlight, allowing you to comfortably use your outdoor spaces for many more months of the year. For ultimate shelter against strong winds Evo Magnatrack Awnings use the most advanced technology on the market to ensure your awnings are always smooth, flat and taut, and most importantly, keeping you protected.

If finding new sources of entertainment while stuck in the house has been a pain point for you and your family, then block-out blinds are a clever and easy way to transform your living room into your very own home theatre! Create the perfect movie room anytime of day or night with the feel of a real cinema using Duette Light Lock Shades, giving you the power of revolutionary total darkness whenever you need. This also creates the ideal setting for presentations or a multitude of different medias uses, seamlessly turning your living room into a multi-purpose space.

Contact us if you’d like help make your home more multifunctional and we’ll help design a unique solution for you.